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Why the Robert E. Lee Law Firm?

Whether you need a DUI Attorney, require representation for a personal injury claim, have been accused of a crime while on vacation in South Carolina, or need assistance with Homeowners Association cases, the Law Firm of Robert E. Lee is here to help when you need it the most.


We are here to represent you in Myrtle Beach, Florence, Marion, Dillon, and the surrounding communities. If you can’t come to us because of incarceration, hospitalization, or injury, we’ll come to you – day or night.

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South Carolina Attorneys of the Robert E. Lee Law Firm

At the law firm of Robert E. Lee, we understand that navigating the complex legal system can be overwhelming and make you feel like you’re up against a wall. Without a partner by your side to ensure you’re being fairly represented in your darkest hour, getting back to life as usual can seem hopeless.

That’s why we’re committed to helping our clients level the playing field, backing them up with three decades of experience from highly-skilled, respected attorneys. Representing clients throughout Marion, Horry and Florence Counties, we are here to secure your rights and make sure you get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

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They are all amazing. Very helpful and professional. We are grateful for your services.


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