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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation attorneys serving Myrtle Beach, Marion, Florence and Dillon

If you’re having a problem or dispute that you think may require legal action to solve, let the civil litigation attorneys of the Robert E. Lee firm help you navigate the waters of civil court. Our litigators have the experience you need to set things straight and ensure that your rights are being defended no matter what. Our strong knowledge of complex legal concepts, understanding of relevant case precedents and expert negotiation techniques are the foundation of our success both in and out of trial court. 

We specialize in a wide range of civil casework, including:

  • Real estate disputes

  • Personal injury claims

  • Workers’ compensation

  • Medical malpractice

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Appeals

Whether you’re seeking financial reimbursement, justice for damages or simply to rectify a non-criminal situation through the legal system, we’re standing by to help.


Real Estate Litigation/Transfer Attorney

At the law firm of Robert E. Lee, we offer comprehensive deed transfer, cash-only closing and real estate legal services to help Florence, Marion, Dillon, Darlington and Horry County residents easily navigate the complex world of real estate law. 

Whether you’re buying or selling, the team at Robert E. Lee can help you manage your transaction from beginning to end – so you can stop worrying about legal issues and focus on what matters most. 


Partner with our team of real estate lawyers for:

• Real estate closings – escrow holdings and cash-only closings
• Deed transfers – including property that has been willed or is simply being passed to new ownership
• Title work – we perform real estate title searches and deed searches
• Contract review – to ensure closing documents and disbursement of funds held in trust are handled properly
• Real estate litigation – in the event you become involved in a conflict, we will act as your advocate to reach a settlement or go to trial if necessary

Contact the civil litigation team of the Robert E. Lee firm for a free consultation.

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