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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Firm Serving Myrtle Beach, Marion and Florence, Darlington and Dillon Defending Against Misdemeanor & Felony Charges

Our criminal defense firm has more than three decades of experience successfully defending clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges – including even the most serious criminal trials involving the death penalty.

When the stakes are high, you can feel confident that we know how to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. Our defense lawyers take every measure possible to try and stay ahead of the prosecution in developing a strong defense strategy.

We’ll conduct a thorough investigation in determining the right steps to take to protect your rights and mitigate any potential damages associated with serious charges, including:

  • Marijuana possession and other drug offenses

  • Drunk driving

  • Traffic violations such as reckless driving and speeding

  • Dog bites

  • White collar crimes like embezzlement and counterfeiting

  • Fraud cases including bank fraud, credit card fraud, loan fraud and mortgage fraud

  • Assault and domestic violence

  • Murder


Defending Minors
In addition to defending adults in all state and federal courts, we have experience representing minors in juvenile court, as well as securing expungements to clear arrest records.


Criminal Appeals
If you or someone you care about has been convicted of a crime, but you believe that the case was mishandled in some way, an appeal may be able to fix the mistake. Contact us to determine your options. 


Get in touch with our experienced criminal defense firm now. 

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