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Homeowners Associations

Lawyers Representing Homeowners Associations in Florence and Myrtle Beach

With more than two decades of experience on our side, we know how to handle all of the legal issues that homeowners associations may be faced with. We take pride in the high rate of success we have achieved in these matters, and we represent HOAs of all types, including condo complexes and planned community developments.


Legal Solutions for HOAs
While aspects of business law and real estate law are certainly involved, HOA law is something that is truly unique. We are highly experienced in this area of the law, including:

Construction defects (as-built plans vs. approved plans) Disputes between homeowners associations and developers Management of the transition between developer and HOA Creation of bylaws


Interpretation of HOA Documents

Navigating HOA documents can be difficult and confusing. Our team can help you to better understand the documents and what they mean. 

Enforcement of By-Laws
Our law firm understands that the path to success depends on your needs, as well as the opponent’s willingness to cooperate. We always strive to achieve a positive outcome through negotiation. However, a trip to the courtroom may be necessary to get the results you need – in which case you can count on our experienced team.


Due Collection Issues for Homeowners Associations
In light of the country’s current economic situation, the National Association of Property Managers has predicted that homeowners associations will soon be faced with serious collection issues, and that residents will default on fees and assessments. Master deeds typically make dues a personal obligation, and our team will pursue personal judgments against property owners to see that you collect what you are owed.
Our firm knows how to handle these issues when they arise and have been quite successful in the collection of dues. We are equipped to handle all due collection issues for HOAs, including:

• Vacation-home owners who have moved out of state and refuse to pay dues
• Foreclosures on beach homes.


Contact our experienced Florence and Myrtle Beach HOA firm for a free consultation now.

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