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The sheer size of commercial trucks with dangerous or flammable loads can pose a great risk to truckers and other motorists. To reduce the number of catastrophic and fatal accidents, truck companies and truckers are required to follow state and federal regulations. When industry-wide safety regulations are overlooked, the results can be catastrophic or even fatal.

Investigating the Cause of Truck Accidents
We know firsthand that critical evidence can quickly disappear from truck accident scenes, which is why we act quickly to preserve this evidence. photograph property damage and consult accident scene reconstructionists in complex accidents when liability is unclear.

Part of our approach also includes reviewing police reports, witness statements and truck company records, including logbooks, fuel tickets, dispatch sheets and maintenance reports.

Our hands-on approach helps us determine fault, including:
Driver negligence – such as speeding, driving under the influence of prescription drugs or alcohol, recklessly driving or truck driver fatigue.

Truck company negligence – such as hiring unqualified drivers, failing to properly train drivers or encouraging drivers to work around the clock with few breaks to meet unrealistic goals. We prepare every personal injury claim for a favorable trial verdict. If your settlement offer is too low, we will not hesitate to prove fault along with the extent of your damages before a jury or judge.

Fatal Semi Truck Crash Accident Claims & Wrongful Death Accidents
We offer a compassionate, yet highly skilled approach to help you recover a full financial settlement, allowing you to focus on healing without worrying about covering expenses. Our firm will take every measure possible to help you secure full financial recovery for any medical bills associated with the accident, lost wages, funeral expenses and pain & suffering.

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