South Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorney
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If you were hit with a speeding ticket, you might dismiss it as an unnecessary ticket to fight. However, speeding tickets can have costly implications. Every traffic violation can add up to significant points placed against your driving record, which can ultimately lead to increased insurance premiums or a suspension of your driver’s license.

At the law firm of Robert E. Lee, we understand the serious implications of a traffic ticket, and we believe every violation should be fought with experienced representation. We take every measure possible to try and lessen the severity of a speeding ticket or have it dismissed completely, so it won’t be reported to your insurance provider or the DMV.

Speeding Tickets Carry Serious Implications
Similar to many states, South Carolina operates on a point system to indicate when drivers have a traffic citation. The more violations you incur, the more points will be added against your driving record. Your insurance rates will climb as you accumulate points, placing you at greater risk of having your license suspended. In fact, South Carolina motorists can face license suspension once they accumulate 12 points against their driving record. We can explain the SC point system in detail, and show you how these points are applied for speeding violations such as:

Driving 10 mph above the posted limit: 2 points
Driving more than 10 mph above the posted limit: 4 points
Driving more than 25 mph above the posted limit: 6 points

Commercial Drivers
If you are a taxi driver or professional truck driver with a commercial license, a speeding ticket will cause your employer’s insurance rates to skyrocket – and you’ll run the risk of losing your livelihood if you accrue more than one speeding ticket per year.

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