Your Trusted Team of Legal Advisors
At the law firm of Robert E. Lee, we believe that more is better. We are a team that works constantly for each client no matter what the situations. This firm is always working to keep your case moving forward and creating the best possible strategy for your situation and minimizing costs by working efficiently.


Big Firm Service. Small Firm Values.
While large corporate law firms are able to offer a wide range of legal services, they often pass their large overhead costs onto their clients, who get lost in the shuffle of one too many cases. At the Robert E. Lee law firm, we offer the same level of service and experience as these large firms, along with the personal attention and hands-on approach you deserve.


A Positive Reputation in the Legal Community
We have spent nearly two decades serving clients throughout Florence, Marion and Horry counties, as well as their surrounding communities. During that time, our team members have earned positive reputations amongst our peers, local prosecutors and judges.


Serving Residents and Out-of-Town Visitors
Because most laws greatly differ between states, cases involving visitors from out of state need to be handled with care. What makes sense in one state might not make sense in another. For example, here it makes sense to have a marijuana possession charge reduced to possession of drug paraphernalia, a lesser charge. However, in some states, paraphernalia is a felony and will be viewed as such by people who see it on a record. We know the difference, and are standing by to defend you with strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Our accolades include:
● Recognition from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for skill in handling the most serious criminal law cases – those involving capital murder charges
● Paving the way by handling some of the state’s first cases in areas like dangerous animal attacks

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