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If you have been accused of drunk driving, do not enlist a general practitioner to protect your rights. A drunk driving conviction could haunt you well into the future. You could be faced with jail time, hefty fines, restricted driving privileges or even lost job opportunities due to having a criminal record. The best investment you can make is to enlist an experienced South Carolina DUI defense attorney to help secure your legal rights. We know how to stay ahead of the prosecution by conducting a thorough investigation into the charges against you, uncovering any procedural errors or violations of your constitutional rights that can be used to develop an aggressive defense strategy.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

If you have been accused of a DUI in South Carolina, you likely have lots of questions. We’re here to answer them and ensure you get the representation you need to get a fair fight. For example, did you know that in SC, the police officer who arrested you on suspicion of drunk driving could ultimately have a huge influence on the turnout of your case, or that refusing a Breathalyzer could lead to an automatic suspension of your license? We know the ins and outs of DUI laws in SC, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Experience You Can Count On

Our criminal defense firm will take every possible measure to try and negotiate a DUI/DWI charge down to reckless driving or another lower charge. We can also fight for an acquittal if law enforcement did not have a valid reason to make a traffic stop, including:

Reckless driving
Driving unusually slow
Swerving between lanes
Driving too closely behind traffic

We have obtained favorable results in even the most serious DUI/DWI manslaughter cases. Our team works with industry-leading experts, including accident scene reconstructionists who try to show that factors beyond our clients’ driving habits ultimately caused a fatal accident.

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